Our story

Embrace Children was started after the co-founders worked on their individual projects called "Booster Seat" and "More than a desk". The objective was to enable poor students in underprivileged schools in India, with bare minimum facilities like desks and chairs, so that they have the basic resources to get a quality education. Maya raised $7000 to provide desks and chairs for 206 kids. Mukund raised $4000 to provide for 143 kids. Other than raising money, he also worked with local scouts in India to assemble each unit.

On her last visit to the school, Maya Aravapalli was struck when a girl took a wooden bracelet from her hand and gave it to her. She was amazed because the child did not even have shoes on her feet and she was so happy giving something away; Maya along with her brother Mukund, started Embrace Children to provide every child from rural India a good support system to ensure success in school, and in life.