It's More than a Desk!

Although India is amongst the ten fastest growing economies in the world, it still has a third of the world’s illiterates due to the wealth gap. Imagine attending a school where all students had to sit on the cold concrete floor, and use backpacks as desks. This is the exact situation that children who attend rural schools in India face. The Booster Seat project adopted just a single school with 206 children and provided desks and chairs for every single child in that school. After seeing the positive impact it had on the children and their overall school experience, Maya decided to continue providing desks through the non-profit, Embrace, until every child has a desk work on.  Embrace has now provided desks and chairs to two more schools in rural India. Totally, our team has provided desks and chairs for 349 children. Our initiative has also inspired the corporation Dairy Day, one of our sponsors,  to donate desks and chairs to one more school. They are giving desks and chairs to two more schools. 

About the Desks

Building a Better Future, One Desk at a Time

Each desk seats 4 children and has chairs attached to them. The cost of each desk is $100.


Help us Raise Awareness

Awareness is a vital part of out program. Without people like you, Booster seat would have never been successful. Booster Seat has reached more than 20,000 people on social media, and has been featured in newspapers such as Milton Herald, Bangalore mirror, and many online magazines. Support our efforts any way you can - raising awareness is the first step! Contact us for more specifics about getting involved.

Would you like to get involved in Booster Seat?


The Embrace Mentorship program is our newest initiative, where kids from rural India are connected to teenagers and college students here in the US. This program will benefit children in rural India as they can learn more about a different culture, have someone to confide in, and express any concerns they have. The mentorship program will also address a major issue in villages in India: the lack of knowledge girls have about personal hygiene. The girls will be connected to trained teenagers, who will educate them about personal hygiene. We need people like you to become mentors!


Our application process is fairly simple. Applicants need to provide Embrace with their name, email address and answer the following question: "Why do you want to be a mentor and how do you plan to help the child?." At Embrace, we are very focused on the safety of both the children in India, and our mentors in the US; therefore, we require all potential mentors to complete the application process.


Embrace connects mentors with children who have similar interests. After mentors apply and we have verified their background, we will connect them with a child and they will meet through Skype. Mentors and the children can meet however often they want, but once a month is the bare minimum times they can meet.


Our main goal here at Embrace is to help other people. Through the mentorship program, we hope to help hundreds of children in rural India succeed in school and in life. Keeping this in mind, our mentors and volunteers aspire to help other people, not only through the mentorship program, but also in their day to day lives.